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Mozy Stash review a company whose head and business is in the clouds.

Hey Every One Its me Maxx your favorite in the field reporter giving you another review, HA, Not. I am sitting here comfortable and in my seat at my desk looking for great companies to tell you about. I was just recenetly looking for a another cloud service when I came across Mozy Stash reveiw. Apprently this company has mixed the process of cloud backup and cloud syncing and made cloud stashing. Wicked cool..

Mozy Stash has mixed the process of cloud backup and cloud syncing and made cloud stashing.


So now all you clouders hook up another service that can easily fit into your everyday life style of living in your cloud world.

Now my under standing of what stash is : You can have a file on your home computer and have it synced to your cloud and then be able to access it from up to five other computers. Thats wicked handy if your in real estate or some other  file sharing company.

I cant what to see where all this goes in the next five years. Now Mozy is a great back up cloud service as as other handy little things and they have great prices and looks like a superb rating You can check out the in beta version now here.


A review of Mozy Stash may be in beta but it has what it takes to succeed

I will rarely review a product like Mozy Stash because its in beta, but this company is an excellent company and is in need of some people to work the system so jump on over and have a look at


You can also have a look at the main Mozy company  they make other products besides the Stash program. We will have more reviews on board soon. So  take look at mozy stash today and let us know what you think.


Maxx Fairo

Our City radio

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