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Unsigned bands and Artists Music Submit Music Submit is here to help get you the exposure you deserve; here are a few points you should know…

We are NOT a pay To Play Station!!!

We do NOT own your music!!

And YES, it’s all FREE!!

We do have a couple of small requirements for you to look over before you should submit your music to us.

You must read the Music Submit Terms and Conditions here:

After you upload your Music please do the Following, Your Music Submit will not be reviewed and aired if these things are not done.

  1. Like us on Facebook -

  2. Follow us on twitter -

This helps us to help you… by liking and following us lets more people know that we’re playing your music!

OK, a couple of quick things about your music submit

Music Submit Format:

  • MP3′s must be 128 kbps 44.1 cd quality ( no more… no less)

  • We only take mp3′s for now .  Please make sure the mp3 file is not larger than 7Mbs.

Make sure that the Meta tags are filled out correctly.  ie     Artist name, Band Name, Album, and Genre.  (Right click on file, click on properties,  and then details)

If the Meta Tag information is not filled in, the song will be submitted but there is no chance of guaranteeing that it will be categorized correctly or have the correct name show up in the player.

  • The file (Mp3 format) must have the name of the band and the song title.  Naming a file “File 1″ or “song 1″ is not acceptable – and it means no-one knows what your song is called.   We are not responsible for wrong song names or band names – you are.  We go by what you put on the MP3.

Music Submit

So what are you waiting for? Click the Music Submit button!

Music Submit


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